Things to do and see in the Southern side of Sri Lanka – Galle

The city of Galle is known for its scenic beauty, lushes beaches and a history which dates back to the 16th century of the Colonial period of the Portuguese, Dutch & British ruling era. Which is now declared an Archaeological Reserve a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Galle Fort – Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications is the main attraction in Galle to this date. It was built during the Dutch era, depicting traditional European & Asian architecture throughout the town. The old Dutch bungalows, quaint houses, boutiques & restaurants along this beautifully paved pebble street still pretty much look the same today.
The National Museum located on Church Street, with its traditional colonnaded veranda, is one of the oldest buildings from that era. This structure was once the barracks for officials of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The museum displays mostly ancient artifacts such as Dutch furniture, cutlery & crockery, weapons, and frescos. And also Chinese masks and scale model ships brought by the famous Chinese adventurer during the 14th century.

The Old Dutch Reformed Church – Groote Kerk was built in the 17th century, designed in a cross-shaped cruciform with Greek pillars. The church has a unique calamander wood hexagonal pulpit and baptismal stand which is one of the rarest pieces found in any church in Sri Lanka. Within, is a beautiful organ loft, floors, and walls that hold the engraved tombstones of the many European colonists.
Flag Rock – Located on the far south corner of the Fort, this was once the Portuguese Bastion. There are plenty of large rocks near the Flag Rock Bastion which isn’t visible during the high tide hours, which can be dangerous for ships, and flags were used to signal warning signs to passing ships. This is how it got its name. Today it’s the most popular spot to catch a stunning sunset and a scenic view of the ocean.
These are just a few places to visit, when in Galle.
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