Udawalawe – The Elephant Transit Home – a one of its kind…

Sri Lanka is truly blessed with a healthy population of wild Asian Elephants. A majority of elephants in Sri Lanka, are found outside unprotected areas, close to human habitat. Due to the increase of human population, and the expansion of agricultural lands, the elephant-human conflict in Sri Lanka has reached an alarming level with both humans and elephants loosing lives on a daily basis.

The Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe was established in 1995, where orphaned and injured elephant calves from around the country are rescued, and taken to the transit home. Where they rehabilitate, care for them and introduce them back in to the wild. They are kept in forested areas close to the Udawalawe National Park where they have minimum encounters with humans. The calves are fed formula milk 4 times a day (9am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm daily).

The Elephant Transit Home is managed by the Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka and supported by the Bornfree Foundation. Individual elephant calves can be sponsored by well wishes, where a monthly contribution is to be made throughout its stay at the transit camp, until it’s released to the wild when it comes of age.

Next time you visit Sri Lanka, we encourage you to visit The Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe, and see how they save these helpless little lives. If you wish you can make a small contribution towards the welfare, maintenance and conservation of the elephants based here, or throughout the country. It is a wonderful feeling and a fulfilling experience seeing these majestic creatures roam around in the wild, than held captive.

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