Visiting Ella – Part 1

Ella is a little town in the Badulla district in Sri Lanka, located at an elevated 3415ft above sea level. Ella is encircled by breath-taking mountains, aromatic tea plantations, and the most striking sceneries you will find in Sri Lanka.

Many travellers from around the globe who visit Sri Lanka, are instantly captivated by the surrounding beauty of Ella, as it’s the only place where you can go trekking or hiking above 3000ft and feel like you’re at the edge of the world.

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Ella is an area that you can visit throughout the year as it receives less rainfall than most parts of the hill country. November to early January can be a little wet in this area, but all other months are excellent for trekking and hiking in the mountains around Ella.

You can get to Ella by train which is a great way to explore the hill country, and also travel by vehicle from the central highlands.

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