Chauffeur Guides

We believe that our chauffeur guides are among the finest Sri lanka has to offer. They are flexible and attentive to clients request and always strive to excel in their duties. Our number one priority is the clients safety and comfort and our chauffeur guides go to great lengths to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service. With our chauffeur guides you are guaranteed not just a holiday but a memorable Sri lankan experience.

  • Avoiding itineraries with excessive driving hours.

  • No alcohol during working hours.

  • Appropriate rest stops and good night’s rest for all drivers while on tour

  • Mobile phone calls should not be answered while driving and should be strictly restricted to essential calls only.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure time (excepting extreme circumstances, such as major road accidents).

  • Maintain good standards of appearance, appropriate to the journey and climate, including personal hygiene.

  • Provide a mobile phone number, where possible.

  • Discuss suitable starting times with passengers for each day’s itinerary and be responsive to the occasional need for last-minute changes.

  • Respond flexibly to occasional requests for route changes or additional excursions, if these do not compromise safety and acceptable arrival times. (Note: These may incur an extra cost which the client should pay direct to the driver).

  • Feel free to offer interesting excursions, but always immediately respect the fact that "no" means precisely that.



Prem has been a pioneer of marketing in health care. He has now retired and as a part time hobby he works as a guide in the travel and tourism industry. He is well versed in all areas of Sri Lanka's culture. He will definitely enhance your experience in Sri Lanka. A tour with him is truly an experience you would never forget. Prem is a father of three boys. Prem also has a lovely home which can be converted into a lovely small villa near the Airport when required. Prem receives much positive feedback from all his guests.




Bandara is an experienced chauffeur guide who has worked in the tourism industry for over 35 years. He is one of the most senior members of our team. He is an example to our younger drivers. He is always happy to share his knowledge with his colleagues. He has special interest in Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage and ancient archeological sites and possesses vast knowledge of Sri Lankan history. He enjoys sharing his free time with many of his grandchildren.



Weerawardhana in short known as 'Weere' has been working with Ceylon Escapes for the last 2 years. Overall Weere has experience as a driver guide for over 30 years. He loves sri lanka's history, culture and also he does a lot of treking.  Weere spends his lesure time with his family, currently his daughter is studying in Canda. We have always had great feedback from all his clients.



Seelan is one of the best national guides currently available in the industry. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience of more than 15 years as a national guide and won the runner-up prize at the 2007 Presidential Awards for the Best Tourist Guide in Sri Lanka for his specialized subject, the Ramayana-related sites in Sri Lanka. Seelan’s interests include community-based eco-tourism, adventure activities, and trekking along the Ramayana Trails. Apart from this he also loves helping out with cricket tours, he enjoys sharing his experience with the younger generation. It is a previlage to have him on our team.



Thilak is a chauffeur  who has much knowledge on Sri Lanka’s culture and history. Thilak's hometown is in Polonnaruwa which is part of the cultural triangle. His wife is teacher and he has two children both working. Thilak says that he now has plenty of time to do his research, do bird watching and spend time with our clients. The cultural triangle and Polonnaruwa is one of the main highlights on most itineraries. 



Shantha is an expert in the many cultural sites of Sri Lanka and possesses a great wealth of knowledge in colorful wildlife. He is of a friendly and outgoing nature and is always accommodating to clients request and is always willing to help.




Wijaweera is one of the most friendly and courteous drivers you will find in Sri Lanka. Having over three years working experience he also processes a vast knowledge of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage sites and show you the real authentic village life in Sri Lanka.




A chauffeur with 2 years of experience in travel and tourism. Not a lot of experince but he has lot of passion for learning and giving clients an experience they would always remember. Ravi runs a small business with his family and uses his free time to travel around the country. He has a good knowledge of our country and he will give his clients a chance to mix with the locals. He also likes arts and crafts and would go to the extent of even giving you a demontration on how its done. Always kind and courteous he is ever prepared to offer clients their best experience with a smile.



A chauffeur guide with many years of experience in the travel and tourism trade. His special interests lies in wild life and our country's cultural heritage. He is also a talented piano player and enjoys spending time with his loved ones. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge on many subjects and a great sense of humor, a tour with Rowan is bound to be full of laughter and great times.



Ethen is one of the youngest members in the team. A chauffeur guide with two years of experience in the travel and tourism. He specializes in wild life, nature tours and enjoys taking guest off the beaten track and you are always guaranteed something special. Ethen drives all the way to Puttlam during his free time to spend time with his brother and grand parents. 



Tissa has been working as a chauffeur guide for the past 10 years in Sri Lanka. He also has experience in the hospitality trade in Japan in the past.  A chauffeur with vast knowledge in Sri Lanka’s rich and colorful cultural history, his special interests lie in religious and sacred sites. He is an expert on using roads that are off the beaten track. He will truly enhace your local experience in Sri Lanka.



A well experienced chauffeur guide with 12 years of work experience. He is a very outgoing and friendly person, always prepared to help his clients. He is an expert in many ecological sites in the country and enjoys doing wildlife tours. He loves spending time in the great outdoors and exploring the country with his family. 



Ervin is a very friendly and courteous driver guide. He has over 15 years’ experience as a chauffeur guide. His special interests lie in taking clients to the most scenic sites in Sri Lanka as he loves photography. He spends his spare time in his small cottage up in the hills and also restoring his vintage morris minor. Always prepared to share his knowledge and experience. Ervin offers clients a journey with lots of fun and laughter through Sri Lanka's history, culture, hill country and wild life on his tours. 



Sarath has more than 12 years’ experience as a driver. He possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in all areas of the country. He specializes in wild life and nature tours. He is a very passionate and dedicated driver. He is of a warm and courteous nature and is always prepared to go above and beyond expectations to help his clients have an enjoyable and memorable experience. A dedicated father and avid sportsman Sarath enjoys spending his free time with his 3 year old son and engaging in cricket and other sports activities.



Gune first moved into the industry as a coach driver. After a few years it became a passion and he enjoyed taking guest around the country sharing his local knowledge. He is now an experience guide, with over 10 years experience. He loves sri lankan history and knows every corner of the island. Gune home town is Kurunagala and he has two kids age 17 and 15 years. He is great with families and kids. 



Amila is a well experienced chauffeur guide with more than 10 years experience in the travel and tourism trade. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in all areas of the countries historical sites of Sri Lanka. He would always have a story to keep you entertained. Amila enjoys giving advice and at anytime a helping hand to anyone that comes to him. He plans to have his own villa in Kalutara and run it along with his mum. 



William is a chauffeur guide with many years of experience in the tourism trade. His special interest lie in Sri Lanka’s historical and cultural heritage sites. He possess a rare knowledge of the northern areas of Sri Lanka. He strives at all times to offer his clients his best and has an excellent sense of humor and he is also a great story teller. He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are satisfied.



George has many years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Having previous experience overseas in the hospitality industry, he is well experienced in meeting needs of clients.  His special interests lie in bird watching and big game fishing. He has a wealth of knowledge of Sri Lanka’s wild life and flora and fauna. He is a very friendly and courteous driver who goes above and beyond expectations to offer his clients the best service at all times.



Amitha started his career as a heavy vehicle driver in Oman. Once he moved back to Sri Lanka he decided to work as a guide because he loved driving, specially driving through the country side. Amitha now has over 3 years experience working as a driver guide at Ceylon Escapes. Amitha wife works in the Navy and he also has a daughter and a son whos both working. 




Peter has over 3 years’ experience in the tourism industry. He mainly enjoys the nature and hiking to most of the scnic locations in Sri Lanka. Peter is married with two lovely daughters. Peter is a very friendly person, great with families and small kids, he will look after them like his own and make sure you have a safe enjoyable trip to remember.. 



Upul has many years of experience as a chauffeur guide in the tourism industry. His special interests lie in bird watching and history. He has a wealth of knowledge of Sri Lanka’s wild life and history. He is capable of doing specialized bird watching tours. He is a very friendly and courteous driver who goes above and beyond expectations to offer his clients the best service at all times.



Anthony has many years of experience as a chauffeur guide in the tourism industry.  He is a very friendly and courteous driver who goes above and beyond expectations to offer his clients the best service at all times. 



Sanjee is an experienced driver guide who loves a bit of adventure on tours. He has done many cycling tours. We can hook up the bikes to his vehicle and do the full tour giving clients to have the chance to use the bikes at any time. Sanjee has over 10 yers experience in the industry. Feedback from clients have been very good throughout. He has a yur family with  two kids, 7 year old daughter and 14 year old son. 



Sunil began career as hotelier, he has been in the hospitality industry as a for over 12 years, thereafter he moved in to transport which is still part of the industry but taking the role of a chauffeur guide, Sunil has been working as a guide for the past 15 years and he has gained immense knowledge of Sri Lanka. He will always take you to the best locations for sightseeing. Sunil is married and he has three boys who have finished studies and now started there own careers.



Nishantha started his career as a branch manager Samsung, after a service of 12 years he decided to change his career entirely. He now works with us as a chauffeur guide, Three years’ experience as a chauffeur guide working at Ceylon Escapes. Always excellent feedback from all his tours, we have had many recommendations. Nishantha is married with two children.




Roy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this trade, he has been working as a chaffeur guide for over 25 years. Currently Roy's children are working overseas and doing very well. Roy spends all his time doing what he enjoys the most, taking his clients around the island to some of the most scenic location and interisting stories about Sri Lanka.

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